“Healing is the one ability everyone can develop and must develop if he is to be healed.” -A Course in Miracles 

Imagine an approach to living that’s actually fun and makes you vibrantly alive, present, grateful and happy, no matter what condition or problem or thoughts or feelings you have.

If you are ready to see for yourself the Power and Presence that is within you, join The Healing Cure for 8-weeks for direct experience of certainty, wholeness, holiness and peace.


This is an 8-week Do-It-Yourself coaching program for True Healing with videos and weekly practices from me, to help you get centered, connected and clear in the Truth of who you really are. 



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Lisa Natoli, the founder of The Healing Cure has developed this work over 20 years as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. Her life is devoted to love, healing and transformation. 

The Healing Cure approach is fun, empowering, practical, down-to-earth and it works.

Make sure to check out the Success Stories if you are not sure if this program is for you. These are real people, just like you, who emerged out of darkness, self-doubt, guessing themselves and who were seriously DONE with waiting for “a cure” so they could start being grateful, generous and happy. 

These are people are said “Screw it. I’m going to be alive and present, no matter what.” 

These are people who “got it” that life is precious and that if we don’t live vibrantly alive now, then when? 

These are people who decided it was worth it to dedicate 8-weeks of their life to living in a brand new way, completely identified with their True Self – light they are – who decided it might be fun to live AS IF they are already healed and whole. 

For 8 weeks. There is nothing to lose by experimenting. 

And if you’re still not sure, ask yourself:

What if just one Healing Cure insight helped you to love your life? To love yourself? To let go of an old grievance? What is just one practice from The Healing Cure moved you out a lifelong energy field of depression, worry or fear? How much is that worth to you?

How much would you pay for THAT? 

Honestly, that kind of confidence is priceless.

If you’re truly committed to a life you love and being a master of your thoughts, feelings and sensations, this program is for you.