Welcome! I’m Lisa. 

I’m a teacher of A Course in Miracles and a minister of God. 

I have devoted my life to God and to Jesus, helping people to transform their lives through the practical application of A Course in Miracles. I teach and train people to heal themselves and others and to know the Power and Presence of their own Inner Teacher. You can heal anything. Healing is simple – it is a return to a state of mind of wholeness, holiness, gratitude and joy. A healer is anyone who helps another to know their own wholeness and holiness. 

I’m the Founder of The Healing Cure: A fun and simple approach to healing using the light of Christ within you to heal. In truth there is nothing to heal. All healing is nothing more than the remembering of your True Self – Love’s Presence – which removes the blocks of fear that have been hiding the light in you. Healing is an ability. It is a commitment to focus on your holiness to dissolve pain, sickness, suffering, problems along with old beliefs that are keeping you stuck in an old story. 

I’m the creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation (it’s free!) and The Healing Cure Training Program, an 8-week online intensive training that inspires people to consistently maintain a connection with their True Self – which is the most valuable ability you have – your ability to stay plugged in, focused on the truth and centered in the light you are. 

A few things about me – from my bio in the 40-Day Program: 

1. I love life. I love people. I feel most alive when I am doing something new that stretches me out of my comfort zone.

2. I underwent a spiritual awakening that rocked my world and I am happy & grateful to share the things I learned along the way that might be helpful to you. That’s this 40-Day Program.
3. My life was transformed by the grace of God, A Course in Miracles and with the help of Jesus Christ. I was alcoholic, depressed and a food addict. Every day I lived in fear and I thought this was normal. I began to make it a daily practice to shift into Christ consciousness, to set aside time every day to sit quietly with God, to pray and meditate and live in gratitude. Almost immediately I lost my desire for cigarettes and alcohol (on the same day, March 29, 2001). Addiction, sickness and depression disappeared.

For me, enlightenment was a moment when I stopped seeking ways to improve myself. It was a moment of recognition of “I am Spirit.” It was a moment of clarity when I become aware that the light was in me. I was the light! And that all my attempts to change and improve myself were ridiculous. I didn’t need to change anything. I simply needed to accept my innocence and perfection and to declare the truth about myself, as often as I could remember. I was so used to putting myself down for so many years, that it was a jolt to discover that I am a child of God. I have found that if you have a willingness to forgive and to see things differently, to remind yourself often of the truth that you are loved and lovable, pure light, you can change your life.

4. I had major super resistance to any and all Christian terminology – God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Christ and anything remotely resembling these ideas. I went kicking and screaming into a life with Christ. So if you have resistance, excellent! You are in the right place! This is not a religious program. You are going to be invited to experiment with a few ideas directly on your own so you can find out for yourself – first-hand – what God is to you. That’s how I learned and that’s how I teach.
And that’s what this 40-Days is going to be about – making it a daily practice to shift into Christ consciousness and see what miracles come of that.
The #1 goal I have in mind for anyone who signs up for the 40-Day is to start relying on their own inner Guide for answers. I am temporary guide (40 Days!) to show you how to start trusting in your own Guide who knows you inside & out and will give you the very best answers, way better than I can give to you. I can only answer based on what you tell me, but your own Guide knows everything about you, and knows the greater Plan and the Big Picture and that in the beginning it can be a whole new experience to begin listening to that still small voice within you.

I am here as a temporary guide – 40 Days! – to keep turning you in that direction and to see what comes of that.

This program is about God-dependency – not Lisa-dependency, not anything-outside-of-you-dependency. It is about learning to turn to God first, make time for that connection, Ask, Knock and Seek there. 


The FREE 40-Day Program for Transformation 

The 40-Day Program is also in Spanish!

The Healing Cure, an 8-week online training program for True Healing