WELCOME! I’m Lisa. 

I’m a healer, teacher and therapist of God.

I’m the founder of The Healing Cure and The 40-Day Program for Transformation. I’m also the co-founder of  The Teachers of God Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated  to inspiring, encouraging and  supporting individuals  in the transformation from fear to love, using the principles of A Course in Miracles. 

I teach and train people how to heal themselves and how to heal others. 

Healing is an ability that can be taught and learned by anyone and everyone. 

The “greatest healer and teacher who ever lived” is your own Christ Mind – what A Course in Miracles calls “the Inner Physician” – the same mind that was in Jesus 2000 years ago.

In truth, you are whole and perfect and there is nothing to heal. But if you are experiencing anything other than perfect freedom, perfect peace, perfect love and joy,  then there is work to do: to notice the blocks in your mind that keep you  stuck and to allow these blocks to be removed with love. 


Jesus “healed” by knowing the truth and His True Identity – one with God, one with everyone and everything. Using Christ vision, he saw beyond appearances of sickness and suffering to the truth in everyone, which is exactly “the method” you can use to “heal” anything, although in truth there is nothing to heal. This is how healing is accomplished, identifying with your Self, the Christ.  You’re not actually  “healing”  but more accurately: healing is occurring. 

SO THE QUESTION IS: Are you using your Christ Mind? Do you know your Self as Christ, one with God, one with everyone? Do you see with Christ vision? Are you healing the sick and raising the dead? 

If not, no worries. It can be learned. 


My life was transformed by the grace of God, A Course in Miracles and through using Jesus as my friend, guide and role model. 

In January 2013, I began to have flu-like symptoms that were later diagnosed as an incurable autoimmune disease with symptoms of dry mouth, irritated red eyes, blurry vision, congestion and mucus. I tried special diets (raw, plant-based,  gluten-free, no sugar, no dairy) but nothing helped. I went through several years where I thought I was dying. After several years of attempting to minimize the symptoms, with not much changing, I woke up to the realization that I just wanted to be happy, in peace, being authentically myself as the light of the world. 

I was tired of being a sick person. I was tired of “trying to heal” and it occurred to me that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in this way. I’d already spent over 5 years of my life (from 2013-2018) thinking of sickness and symptoms every single day, and I thought: this is no way to live. 

Jesus’ words from 2000 years ago kept coming to my mind,  loud and clear: PICK UP YOUR BED AND WALK. 

It occurred to me that I could just walk right out of sickness and never look back. 

During those years, I had many days that I felt could possibly be my last day – death felt to be looming over me, ready to take me at any moment  – and it occurred to me that if every day was possibly my last day, then what I really wanted was to be fully alive, in joy, doing what I love. 

I just wanted to be free – to be real and authentic in all I did, living life to the fullest. 

And that was my decision: to stop being a sick person and to walk right out of that story. 

And that’s what I did.

I discovered the most important key in healing: YOU DECIDE ON THE PICTURE OF WHAT YOU WANT TO BE.

The picture I held of myself back then was that I was weak, frail, limited, powerless, afraid and sick. 

I decided on A NEW PICTURE of what I wanted to be: strong, powerful, clear, joyful, generous, in love with life, connected to my mission and purpose, living vibrantly. 

And I walked right into it.

During my 20’s and into my early 30’s, I was alcoholic, depressed, overwhelmed and a food addict all the while working a great job in publishing in New York City.  I was born in Presque Isle, Maine and raised in Tilton New Hampshire. 

For my whole life I tried to be good and kind and to do the right thing. I was a good kid, smart, active and curious. I was mostly happy, but always with a feeling that something was “off”. I thought it was because I grew up in a small town and I just needed to see the world. But then I saw the world, did all the things I put my mind to, had great relationships, achieved my goals, had all the toys and trinkets of the world and still that “something is off” feeling persisted.

I studied how to be successful, how to be happy, how “to win friends and influence people” but I always felt like my life was a house of cards, ready to fall apart at any moment if I let my guard down for one second. I was constantly tired from trying to hold my life together. And so I drank.

I had a book called A Course in Miracles but didn’t understand a word it said.

But somehow I knew it was the answer to my prayers. It talked about God and Jesus but I didn’t have any reference for any of that. 

On July 4, 2000 – at the age of 32 – I stood in my living room in Park Slope, Brooklyn and said: “God, if you are there. I’m all yours. I want to work for you now.”

I didn’t know God at all, but I didn’t know where else to turn. Six days later on July 10, 2000 I lost my “secure” job in publishing. I felt I’d been “hired” by God, even though I didn’t have a clue what that meant. That was the beginning of me starting to have a relationship with God, which later ended up with me learning everything I could about Jesus, which later led to me to the realization of my True Identity as Light, Love, Joy, Peace, Eternal, Whole, One with God and One with everyone and everything. 

Transformation has been long slow unfolding process for me. It didn’t happen overnight or all at once.

Things that were no longer serving me fell away gradually, one by one. The desire for alcohol and cigarettes was the first big change to occur. I stopped drinking and smoking in March 2001 and never picked up again. Then over the years, depression dissolved and got less and less and less until it finally disappeared completely.

Then sadness.

I had a big bathtub moment in 2009 when I was crying over a failed relationship and in one clear moment that I did not plan, I suddenly was watching myself from within the body and the crying stopped on the spot. There in its place there was only joy and amusement and gratitude. I began to laugh. I realized that “I” was this “I” that was in joy, and that I was not the “I” that was in pain, in sorrow, crying in the bathtub, wishing things were different. I saw there was two that was “I” and that the one that was in joy as the Real “I” and the other suffering “I” was not real and that I could easily just identify with the True “I” that was joyful.

You would think after an event like this that everything afterwards would a sunny walk in the park, but that’s not what happened. I went back-and-forth between these two “I”‘s for the next several years. I “knew” on an intellectual conceptual level that what A Course in Miracles says is true: that everything that seems to happen to me is reflecting my inner state of mind .. but I didn’t KNOW, as in really know, as a direct experience. I was fairly certain that God is all in all, and that I was a perfect part of that, but I wasn’t entirely certain at that point. There was still a tremendous amount of doubt. 

But one thing for sure: there was no going back.

Then I decided to heal my money blocks.  I went after all beliefs and thoughts of lack and limitation, one by one, healing them with truth. I talk about that here: https://www.lisanatoli.com/the-prosperity-process

I started depending on God 100 percent. I began tithing, giving 10% of all that came to me to wherever I was being inspired, because I’d been so terrified of money that I felt that my best option was to begin giving it away instead of clutching to it.  I did the OPPOSITE of what I had been doing and changes were immediate. I began trusting in the flow. I paid off 10-years worth of credit card debt in 9 months.

I had seen enough changes in my life to know that my life was 100% dedicated to experimentation of these ideas in A Course in Miracles, to using my life as the science lab to prove them true. 

For most of my years with A Course in Miracles (since 1992) my biggest fascinating is with the topic of healing. How to heal. Why don’t some people heal? How is healing accomplished? Does it mean body healing? Is there really no order of difficulty in miracles? Is there really no order of difficulty in healing? Can we really do the things Jesus did and more? Is it possible to move mountains with faith? Can we heal others with our minds just by knowing the truth?

Then, as if on cue, as if the universe was answering my prayer to give me material to work with first-hand in the area of healing: in January 2013, I got sick with what seemed like flu-like symptoms, sweating, vomiting, fever. For most of my life, I was perfectly healthy so I was thrown for a loop when it happened. Up until this point, I thought people who were sick should “just get over themselves”. I had never known sickness, so when people complained of sickness, I really felt it was all psychosomatic. Until I got sick. And I couldn’t heal it no matter what I tried. After months of worsening conditions, it was diagnosed as an incurable autoimmune disease with the main symptoms being dry mouth, blurry eyesight and eye irritation. 

After 5 years of “trying to heal” the body (and then “trying to heal the mind to heal the body”) I had the realization that I had been on the fence – vacillating between two thought systems of love and ear – and not really ever being totally committed to either. 

I kept flip-flopping between body identification and Christ-identification. 

One day I made a decision to identify completely with the truth. I was no longer going to try to heal the body, which I recognized was only an effects and that effects cannot be changed from the level of the effect.

My decision was to identify 100% completely with the Truth of What I am: Christ, pure light, joy and love. 

And that’s what I did.

Live or die, I belonged to God.

I realized that I could be joyful, grateful, generous and happy, no matter what. 

I saw that it was entirely possible for me to be in joy, gratitude and peace right in the place where I was, right there in the middle of all those symptoms.

I like to say that my method for healing is “fuck it.”

An attitude of “Fuck it. I’m going to be alive and happy and grateful, from this moment on, no matter what the body does. No matter if I never heal on the physical level.” 

I ditched all the special diets, health-inducing medicine and self-help practices. I threw away all vitamins, supplements, and fish oil. I ditched all the mantras, magic and essential oils. I just wanted to be free. I wanted only to be happy, to feel connected, clear, confident, strong, centered in God. I was tired of trying to heal. I was exhausted from “walking around on eggshells” with food. i just wanted to be free of all of that. I wanted True Healing. I felt deep in my heart this was my life work and that everything was leading me to that moment and that decision to side completely with the truth. 

I saw that it was do-able.

I saw that it could be done.

In a flash, I knew that this – identification with Spirit as my Self – was true healing.

I recognized that all my attempts to heal the body and the limited self identify were NEVER going to work and I knew that right there in that place, there was the “I” – the I AM – that was pure light, ageless, radiant, whole, eternal, shining in the peace of God as the peace of God. 

I realized the necessity to see myself differently, as loved, loving and lovable, and not try to come up with a new improved “healed” identity.

For a little while, the symptoms got way worse. I didn’t care. Fuck it. This was my attitude. 

I started to get really bold. I wanted every moment of my life to count. 

I thought “I’m going all the way on this little experiment. Fuck it.” 

For a while I changed “fuck it” to “screw it” because I received a bunch of emails from people saying I was supposed to be a spiritual example to people and I should not say fuck it. Back then, I was . still was into people-pleasing – I still cared what people thought about me and changed myself accordingly to keep the peace and to be liked – so I changed it to “screw it” for a while. 

And that really was the problem, that was the sickness: I was hiding, trying to be what I thought I was supposed to be, based on what people said to me. 

And well … fuck it. I was going to be my Self. Authentic. Bold. Happy. Generous. Playful. Alive. 

I had thoughts that I had come into this lifetime specifically for this work, to find out how to heal. 

A Course in Miracles says that when we heal our mind and accept our Self as God created us – free from fear and suffering – that the whole world is healed because there is only One Mind. 

A Course in Miracles says that “Joy is my function here” and that “my part is to be happy” and I began to think of all the years I “tried to heal” the body and how I wasn’t in joy during those attempts. I was mostly in confusion, irritation and doubt. No wonder my eyes were always “irritated” because I was irritated!

This is where the Fuck it attitude came in. Fuck it. I’m going to be a child of God. I’m going to be playful, grateful, happy and free. Fuck it. I’m going not going to isolate anymore in fear. I’m going to value myself.  I’m going to value others. I’m going to value this life that has been given to me! 

I’m going to accept my Self as God created me, and allow my mind to be wholly healed. 

I felt tremendous joy in these decisions, and this joy has never faded. 

I know we have all come into this lifetime on assignment from God and our work is to figure out what we are here to do.

I often times felt like the Wright Brothers from 1903 who had an idea to get a plane off the ground, during a time when it hadn’t been done before. 

I felt like my life work was to “crack the code on healing” as my husband Bill put it. 

I define healing as a return to the awareness of your own wholeness and holiness. A healer is someone who helps another to return to the awareness of wholeness and holiness. Health is inner peace. 

If you are sick or you think you have problems, you have not been yourself. You have been hiding in isolation, you have separated yourself from your True Self, believing that you are separate from God and from others. Healing is a way to come out of hiding, to end this separation and to be yourself again as a child of light. 

Healing for me was a moment of clarity when I stopped seeking ways to heal or improve the body. 

It was a moment of awareness of the light within me, not as a concept, but as a real experience when I knew myself completely AS this light.

I saw that all my attempts to change and improve myself were ridiculous. I didn’t need to change, heal or fix anything. As light, I was already whole, complete and perfect. I simply needed to accept my innocence and perfection and to declare the truth about myself, as often as I could remember. 

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