Being Spaciousness

lisa natoli Feb 29, 2024

Yesterday’s February LIVE with Lisa Zoom Call was the best ever, in my own little humble opinion. 🥰

We talked a lot about spaciousness, being established as spaciousness and no longer being identified so much with the body, with the personal self identity or with the character that goes by your name.

Here are 3 pages of notes from my journal this morning, inspired by yesterday’s zoom call.

About how the energy that you suppressed in contraction, trying, waiting and  controlling begins to MOVE when you enter into spaciousness, which is our true nature.

And about how many people get scared at this point when the energy starts to move because you sense that your life is about to shift and that people and friends will probably fall away as you spend more time in the spaciousness, which is a lot more quiet and a lot less talking.

You can still sign up for the February recording on my website if you are interested in watching it - 90 minutes. 🔥 Here is the link: 💕 

Here are my journal notes from February 29, 2024: 


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