Do some horrific stories stay in your mind?

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2024
Every day I check People magazine online and The New York Times. I check Facebook. I check Instagram. If you are like me and follow any kind of news or social media, then you see countless horrific things every day.
Have you noticed that some of these stories grab your attention and some of them don't?
The ones that grab your attention - the stories you keep thinking about after you have read them or heard about them - are the ones  calling to you for love and blessing. It is no accident they stay in your mind. They are a learning opportunity for you to remain as Pure Presence.
Notice if you get sucked into the story, thinking about the details, thinking about how horrific it is or how sad or how awful it is OR do you instantly remember that this has come to you for you to bless.
You are pure Being, all light, with the power and ability to stay as changeless Presence, blessing these images in your mind.
We are not here to ignore these stories. We are not here to only surround ourselves with positive uplifting stories.
We are here as Presence, remembering itself as Presence, the light that shines in every mind. ⭐
Remember what A Course in Miracles says about this world - "into this closed and hopeless learning situation, that teaches nothing but death and despair, God sends his teachers."
What an interesting idea, right? These closed and hopeless situations that occupy space in our mind are a learning situation.
It's a learning situation for you to remember that you are One Self. It's a learning situation come to you as another opportunity for you to stay as the Self, Pure Presence, the Love You Are. ⭐
God's "teachers" aren't bodies. God didn't send a body into this world. God's teachers are the light that is YOU in truth. ⭐ 💕
Whenever you allow yourself to get sucked/pulled into a story you are in the darkness with the story and you forget what you really are as pure Being.
You will know whenever you are pulled into the darkness by the way you feel.
When you remain as you are created, you remain as the light, as the changeless - you no longer get sucked into these stories, but instead you see and feel their strong pull - you see the temptation to hang out in the story, thinking about it - and instead of getting sucked in, you remain as the peace you are, offering peace to these people, images, stories, events that keep calling to you. ⭐ 💕
Today, notice what stories and situation you keep thinking about.
It's a learning opportunity to stay as the Self, as the peace you are, to offer love and blessings and light. To remember the truth for yourself as well as for the people in the situation.
Whatever people are showing up in your mind, they have come to you for you to bless and love. ⭐ 💕
One mind is every mind and the shining in your mind is the shining in every mind.
All my love to you.
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