"Letting go" vs. Something Leaving You Because You Are Not Resisting

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2023

You don't "let things go."

How often have you "let go" of something you didn't want??

An unwanted emotion, an addiction, a habit you you wanted to change and "let go of".

"I'm just going to let that go." Did it go?? 😂 

haha.Like, never. Things leave you when you stop holding on and when you are no longer resisting.

Here is a little video clip from Week 1 of Emotional Mastery - my brand new 6-week online course - which started this past Wednesday, March 1st. 

In this video I talk about about how alcoholism left me 22 years ago after 5 years of  unsuccessfully "letting go."

When I stopped resisting - stopped judging myself - stopped attacking myself for being a failure and for being weak - and realized, finally, "okay, I'm a drinker. I'm not going to keep fighting myself. I'll have a drink when I want one."

The desire to drink left me shortly after that and I haven't wanted a drink in 22 years.

Letting go didn't work. Not resisting did.

This video is from the Q & A section of the Week 1 call - so we clipped out the person asking the question and speaking - so you will notice an editing clip that seems a little weird. You can still join and get the LIVE calls with me (5 more calls left) and also have access to the private member area which are bonuses to this 6-week course when you join in March 2023. https://www.lisanatoli.com/Mastery-Series


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