For Healing: What You Focus on Multiplies

lisa natoli Feb 26, 2024
The ego - which is unchecked thoughts - is a massive drama queen. You may have already noticed this.
The ego is an extremist, an exaggerator and says things in absolutist terms like "I can't walk" or "I can't see" or "I can't do that" and "I have no money" and "I'm so sick"
There is no middle ground with the ego, your unchecked thoughts.
 Unchecked, you may tell yourself that ...
You have no energy.
You have no money.
You are sick.
You are in pain 24/7.
If you are interested in healing, it's important that you start seeing the ego when it's on the scene by realizing that you do have SOME money, you do have SOME health, you can walk a little, you can see and you are NOT in pain 24/7.
Focus on what you have. Focus on what is working.
For me, for years, it was my eyes, among many other things.
But let's use the eyes as the example here. My eyesight was very blurry.
The eyes were irritated, red, bloodshot, painful.
And for years I went around thinking "I can't see. I'm going blind. It's getting worse and worse. Why am I not healing?"
Drama Queen. Ego. Exaggerator.
Then in a moment of grace & quiet, there was the realization: "Well, actually ... I can see."
I was not blind. I definitely could see things and I realized that the thought "I can't see" was an absolute lie.
I had moments when I was relaxed when the eyes did not bother me at all, and I didn't even think about them.
I started being in gratitude that I could see and on that fact that I was seeing.
The thought "I can't see" disappeared completely. I haven't had that thought in years.
Over time, I started to notice that I needed to take my glasses off to read books and to write in my journal and with my glasses off, the words on the page were crystal clear.
I had my eyes tested and my near-sight vision is 20/20. I can read the teeniest tiniest smallest fine print on any bottle, page or book without glasses.
Far-sighted vision is still blurry without glasses, but I can definitely see and there are times when it is crystal clear.
And I started to realize that this is how healing works. You rest from those extremist thoughts you keep having, which are actually lies.
You see what the mind/ego is doing and you stop agreeing with it.
Today, think of an area of your life where there is lack, sickness, illness, disease, limitation - and notice your thoughts around it.
Now, in that very same area, notice how there is SOME health, some mobility, some strength, some abundance.
What you focus on multiplies.
When you focus on sickness, it multiplies.
When you focus on no money, no money multiplies.
When you focus on health, health multiplies.
When you focus on abundance, abundance multiplies.
Love you.
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