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For years I was sick with pain and physical symptoms (from 2013-2018) and for all those years I tried to heal myself. I did every possible thing I could do to heal the body and to heal the mind. You name it, I did it. I tried it. I gave it my all.
I did every diet. I ate clean. I juiced. I took supplements. I took antibiotics. I went to doctors. I went to a naturopath.
I was one hundred percent committed to healing.
I  was determined to heal.
And I kept getting worse and worse.
The harder I worked, the worse I got.
Somewhere along the way - thankfully - I began to understand that my attempts to heal myself were me fighting with myself.
I started to understand that I CANNOT HEAL MYSELF ... I tried everything .... and instead I started to rest, relax, love everything that was happening, welcome the pain instead of fighting it - and I started to live in joy and gratitude ... no longer trying to heal ... and healing occurred.
The reason you can't heal yourself is because "trying to heal" is RESISTANCE TO WHAT IS.
Read that again.
If you are "working to heal yourself" you're in resistance.
Trying to heal, even though it seems innocent enough is actually you fighting what is arising in your experience.
And when you are fighting with yourself, fighting with your body, fighting with your situation, your pain, your symptoms, you stay right in the battlefield. There is stress. Everything is out of whack. You feel bad. You feel exhausted. Because you're fighting with yourself. Fighting the pain. Judging it. Calling it names. Calling yourself names. Feeling like a failure.
What's the solution?? LEAVE THE BATTLEFIELD.
In "trying to heal" there is judgment. Think about it. You're judging what is arising in your experience.
There are thoughts like "this should not be happening" and "I don't like this". There are thoughts that you can change it, make it go away, fix it, heal it. That's judgment. That's attacking. That's resistance to what is.
It took me a long time to see this for myself that all those years "trying to heal" and "working hard to heal" I was actually in fighting energy.
And the pain stayed right in place because I was in the battleground.
"What you resist, persists".
Healing begins to occur when you stop fighting. When you stop resisting. When you stop judging your experience. When you stop judging the pain. When you stop wishing the symptoms would go away.
And instead you begin to LOVE what is. You WELCOME what is.
Healing occurs naturally when you rest and relax in Peace & Presence.
The body is not your enemy. Pain is not an enemy.
In resting, peace and quiet, the judger goes away.
In resting, peace and quiet, the sufferer disappears.
In resting, peace and quiet, all fighting stopped.
In 2018, I stopped trying to heal. I stopped Googling what was wrong with me. I stopped resisting what was showing up for me and I began to welcome what was occurring in my experience. The beginning of a whole new life for me!!
I put all this in The Healing Cure, which is currently available for you to get started today: https://www.lisanatoli.com/the-healing-cure
If you have been suffering, fighting, worrying, judging yourself, with a feeling hopeless that you're never going to emerge from this, I encourage you to take The Healing Cure: https://www.lisanatoli.com/the-healing-cure
It's 8 weeks of videos and content that contain exactly what I did in my own healing journey. I put it in super simple-to-understand language.
It's an amazing program that I love. It's a gentle program. It's kind. It's me giving you all that worked for me. It's got visual slides in it that I created to visually show you how to "move" out of suffering into the peace that is here right now. Everything is transcribed. The videos can also be listened to in mp3 version. I put everything into it.
And I kind of have forgotten about this program - I never really talk about it - but I was looking at the Week 1 content yesterday in The Healing Cure because someone asked me about some of the visuals and so I was looking into Week 1, Module 1 and going: MY GOSH. THIS IS AN AMAZING PROGRAM. This is it. The practices in The Healing Cure are how I emerged out of years of suffering, sickness, struggling, fighting and resisting.
And when I stopped fighting, I experienced peace.
And where this is peace, healing is experienced because you've left the battleground
So, I invite you to check it out: https://www.lisanatoli.com/the-healing-cure
If you're already enrolled in The Healing Cure, you have lifetime access to the videos. You can log into your Member Area from the home page of my website - https://www.lisanatoli.com - the login button is in Upper Right Hand Corner up near the top.
If you have taken The Healing Cure and love it, please leave a comment! How did it change your life? What did you like about it?
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