This 2-Day Workshop took place on 
May 18 + 19, 2024

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Description about this Workshop   

Most people when they are struggling or suffering emphasize the problem, the difficulty, the sickness or the pain. 

Attention goes to what is not working, what we don't like or what we want to change ... and this is considered "normal" to focus on pain, lack, limitation or physical symptoms. 

But if you are paying attention, you probably have already noticed that when you focus on the problem, it stays right in place. 

And yet ... Presence is always here, shining. 

When you learn to emphasize Presence - with awareness of the body in open Spaciousness, your true nature - all that appears in Presence (problem, difficulty, suffering) dissolves in the light of Presence. 

In focusing our attention Open Spaciousness, which is what you are, you come to recognize your true nature as this light, pure Presence. 

In investigation and awareness of all that is arising in you as Self (and your relationship to it), something new begins to occur. 

Peace is experienced. Joy is felt and known.

For many, this kind of inner exploration with a focus on Presence has never been taught. 

Join Lisa and others for 2 days online, May 18 & 19, from the comfort of your own home 

This 2-Day online weekend Workshop took place on Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th, 2024

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