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A Letter from Lisa Natoli

A lot of my own difficulty stemmed from being on a spiritual path for 25 years where I heard things like "I am not a body." I didn't understand what this meant but deep down I knew it was true. Since I always seemed to "be in" a body - and felt the solidness and "realness" of it, I thought I must be doing something wrong.

As a result, I spent years trying to escape the body through stillness practices and meditation. I tried transcending the body. I lived entirely in the mind ignoring the body - and also hating the body at the same time for all the ways it limited me. I felt like a prisoner within trapped inside, wanting to get out and be free.

I know this sounds crazy, but you would not believe how many people I meet on a spiritual path who do exactly the same thing.   

Everything changed for me in 2018. I dropped all the spiritual practices and made a decision to just live my life and be in the body, present to it.

I stopped checking out. 

I was done with trying to reach enlightenment.

All I wanted was to be happy and do what I love and spend the rest of my life enjoying life. 

When I stopped trying to fix, change or heal the body, I began to notice all the attack thoughts I held about the body.

***Now that I was in the body (no longer trying to escape the body), I started to notice a lot!

I become aware just how much I criticized the body, criticized the mind.

Through inner investigation practices I stopped identifying with this voice that I came to understand was wholly unreal. 

Gradually, there was a recognition of my true nature which is Pure Presence. Consciousness. Life. Aliveness. Eternal Luminosity. Pure Light. Intelligence. 

In this 6-week course, we will be exploring all of this together - so you experience your real nature of peace and happiness, while being in the body, perfectly present.

Love, Lisa 

What is Mind-Body Mastery? 

Mind-Body Mastery is, first and foremost, the recognition that you are not a body and you are not the mind - yet what you are encompasses both body & mind completely.
You are pure consciousness, eternal changelessness.
But before that recognition is known clearly by you, first you must know your own power.
This course is going to be a lot of fun because you will be encouraged to see how the mind and body are connected. You will experience how powerful you are. First you experience the power of mind and then you GO BEYOND and experience the Power of "I" which is Life, Intelligence and many people in religious or spiritual traditions call it God. 
Mind-Body Mastery is the knowing that everything that you HOLD in mind eventually (or suddenly) shows up in the body, in your physical experience.
So the question is: WHAT ARE YOU HOLDING IN MIND?
What beliefs do you hold in mind about yourself, about the world, about others?
A lot of what is held in mind is unconscious and subconscious as beliefs, patterns, judgments, stories kept in place to "hold" our world and life together. 
Mind-Body Mastery is the recognition that everything is connected.
Healing occurs naturally as you stop HOLDING onto the stories you hold about yourself.
I use the word "hold" a lot because it's contains the whole key to peace and happiness. 
So first you master the mind and the body, then without any effort ... your real nature "I" - Love's Presence - begins to shine through and be known by you.
After that, there is no going back to conflict and confusion. 




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Lisa Natoli.

I spent 25 years devoted to spiritual practices, trying to wake up, trying to heal, trying to reach happiness, without ever realizing that the "I" that was "not getting it" and "not there yet" and "working on it" was entirely unreal and designed to stay in conflict.

In October 2018, I was introduced to the idea of Awareness (Consciousness) as our true nature - which led to months of inner investigation and finally to the recognition of Self - the real I - which is eternal, changelessness, Presence, Being, intelligence, perfect happiness & perfect peace.

My approach begins with the body, mind and emotions because that's how it worked for me. 

And that's how I teach. 

When we work together, the focus is on the image of yourself that you believe is real. We face the beliefs you hold about yourself, the patterns and habits that arise in your life, old conditioning, thoughts, stories, memories. 

I have found that working with the body and mind leads to realization of your true nature.