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The 6-Module True Manifesting Self-Study Course

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Bring your inspired ideas into form.

Many people on a spiritual path tell me they want something in physical form, but that "it's an ego goal" and they shouldn't want it. I hear this a lot. They want better health, more money, a different experience. Some want to start an online business, have a coaching practice where they are helping people. Some want to write a book, buy a house, live somewhere different take a vacation, take a class. Or maybe you simply would love to have more time & peace to relax and be.

The main thing I hear is "I want it, but I am not supposed to want it. It's ego." But what if it's not ego?? What if it's Consciousness - your True Infinite Self - wanting to express through you?

I would love to help you bring your inspired ideas into manifestation, into the world, into your life.

If you are ready to allow the ideas (that won't leave you alone!) to have life & expression and to bring them to physical form, come join us.

What is True Manifesting?

In this 6-Session Video Course, you’ll learn how to create from the consciousness of joy, clarity, beingness and fun.

We are so used to identifying with ourselves as a body, as a name, as a person, as limited, as a separate entity apart from other bodies - that we have lost sight of our true nature which is pure Consciousness and Happiness. 



When you identify as a body, you perceive yourself as lacking, which ultimately ends up as a feeling of incompletion - as "something missing". 

True Manifesting begins by identifying with the True "I"  —the feeling and knowing of limitless Presence.

When we are one with this feeling of fulfillment, we create from a place of ease, playfulness and no attachment.  

True Manifesting is different from the "manifesting" that most people attempt - which is trying to get something from a place of lack, need and wanting.

You are Pure Consciousness, and Pure Consciousness is ALREADY creating.

But in most people, this "creating" is done unconsciously without awareness.

With True Manifesting, you are creating deliberately, consciously and with Awake Awareness of Who & What You Are and How Manifesting Really Works. 

What You'll Get:

✓ 6-Module Video Content: Weekly videos with Lisa Natoli  that include Q & A sessions from my perviously live class

 A Special Bonus Video: Two-Hour Workshop Entitled: "Writing Your One-Page Narrative".

✓ Downloadable PDF's: The weekly practices  - which are simple & transformative - are in an easy-to-read downloadable worksheet -  for getting real results.

✓ Written transcripts of every video recording

✓ Audio mp3 version of the weekly teaching from Lisa - for those who prefer to listen

True Manifesting


One-Time Payment

Self-Study Course with Lisa


True Manifesting


Two Monthly Payments

Self-Study Course with Lisa


Week 1: Metaphysics 101: Recognizing the True "I"

Week 2: The How-To Process of True Manifesting

Week 3: Dealing with Resistance

Week 4: How Action & Inner Listening Fits Into Visioning

Week 5: Inner Investigation

Week 6: Effortless Life, Here I Am

Writing Your One-Page Narrative 

How will shifting into Presence change your life?

Hi, I'm Lisa Natoli

This course exists because I was once was stuck in beliefs that I was powerless, weak, frail and sick.

I was devoted and committed to spiritual work, being a good person, being generous and kind, forgiving everyone and everything. But I still had no money, no clarity and a mountain of debt. I felt stuck.  I had low self-worth but I believed in the power of a new beginning and a clean slate. 

I had no idea how things were going to change. Like zero. But that was my firm beginning. I had an open mind. I did things in a new way. And now I have a life that I’m wildly head-over-heels-in-love with.

I know how manifesting works. I know how healing works. And now I teach what I know to others.

I encourage people to know their real and true Self which is consciousness - and the result is life, aliveness, enthusiasm and joy, 

When you live in Awareness of Being, old beliefs and patterns dissolve and disappear. 

I work with people who feel stuck or overwhelmed, Many have been doing spiritual practices but have not seen consistent results or consistent happiness, 

I help with that. 

Once you know your true nature, things change fast.