Did you ever REALLY REALLY want something and you got it?

lisa natoli May 10, 2022

So here is a little experiment for you:

Think of something you really really REALLY wanted. 

You wanted it SO bad.

You prayed about it. Visualized about it. Asked God for it. 

Perhaps you made bargains with the universe to get it.

Or maybe you worked hard for it. You put love & sweat into the achievement and accomplishment of something.

Whatever it was - you wanted it.

And then ... you got it. 

You got the job. You got the relationship. You got the baby. You got the money. You were healed of cancer. You got the house. You lost the weight. You left your job and started your own business. The tumor disappeared. You got the car. You got the degree. You paid off all your debt. You went on that vacation you always wanted to go on.

It was a dream come true. Right??

For like, 5 seconds.

Or 5 days.

Or 5 weeks.

And then what happened????

Spend some time today thinking about something you really really really wanted - something you thought you would never get - something...


Joy is my guide.

lisa natoli Mar 15, 2022

I have always loved that A Course in Miracles says "God is Love" 

It also says that love and joy are identical. 

So that means God is joy. 

Joy is love. 

It also says "Joy heals all sorrow and despair" 

So that means that Joy heals, Love heals and God heals. 

This was super valuable information for me when it was time for me to let Christian terms go - which I never liked to begin with. 

Joy is my guide. 

Love is my guide.

God is my guide.

Christ is my guide. 

Jesus is my guide. 

You can use any term you want - any term that fits for you. It's all the same thing - just different words. 

For me ... the word that really fit is JOY. 

Joy is my guide. 

Joy heals. 

Joy is my Self. 

I am Joy. 

I am Love.

For too many years, I got all serious with the Christian terminology.

Seriously praying to Jesus. Seriously asking Christ for help. Seriously approaching God. Seriously trying to figure out "which voice was...


Lisa Natoli Notes on Healing, Awakening, Integration & Embodiment

lisa natoli Mar 03, 2022

These notes are from Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 5pm EST. I sat down with my computer in the living room and I just started typing. And here is what came out. 

If you like these notes, I suggest you copy and save to a Word document on your computer, because I'll be taking them down soon. 

I have not edited them. I wrote fast and here you go. 

If you like these ideas, there are the basis of The Healing Cure, an 8-week online program  - where you are invited into a process of investigation and discovery into your own specific conditioning and patterns that keep you stuck. 

Details for The Healing Cure: https://www.lisanatoli.com/the-healing-cure


What does it mean for awakening and healing to be fully integrated, grounded and embodied?


It means that you are living fully as wholeness, as peace, joy and happiness.


It means that thoughts don’t pull you in anymore – even though they still arise.


It means that the...


The very first step in healing

lisa natoli Feb 23, 2022

Over the years, with my work as a teacher & healer, I've often pondered the question:

"What is the very first step in healing?"  

I often think about people with zero spiritual background who have never heard of A Course in Miracles and who don't have any other spiritual practice. 

And they are suffering from cancer, autoimmune disease, problems, fear, depression, anxiety or pain. 

And they come to me for help. 

What is the very first thing I do in healing work? 

The very first thing is my part: to see them whole. 

ABSOLUTELY #1 MOST CRUCIAL STEP OF ALL. For anyone who is interested in healing work. I just gave it to you. 

To see beyond the appearance of what someone believes about themselves. To see beyond someone's stories.

That's the first thing.

Then I try to get a sense IF they are open to change. For many people sickness is a way of life, and for these ones, healing must wait on their decision. 

So ... beyond all this ... let's...


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