My approach to healing

Jun 24, 2024

Healing is realization of Self.

Healing is the recognition that your true nature is Silence - and this nature is changeless and shared by everyone and everything.

Everything that seems to be happening to you (or in the world) arises in Silence, in love, and disappears in Silence, our true nature.
Other names for our true changeless nature are God, happiness, peace, Presence, Love, Consciousness, I AM, Awareness, Light, Life.
The  body you think is your body "my body" is memory, a pattern, an image created by you and held in place by you, Consciousness, believing itself to be a body.
Believing yourself to be a body, suffering is inevitable.
With single-focused attention on truth, suffering disappears.
The body, sickness, limitation, lack is all past. It's all memory.
Perhaps you think it's real.
The body doesn't wake up up the morning.
The body wakes up in you.
Take a moment to let that sink in. THE BODY WAKES UP IN YOU.
Every morning.
What you are never sleeps and never wakes...

Which of these 4 stages are you in?

Jun 17, 2024

I have been working on the content for the June workshop and I am excited for it. It's June 22nd and 23rd. Registration is below. 

Here is a little of what we'll be covering: 

I've identified 4 stages of contraction/expansion that people live in. 

In Consciousness, in truth, there are NO levels ... however ... when you live in body-identification, in contraction and separation, and believe yourself to be a body, there appears to be levels that can be recognized by your energy level. 

Which stage/level of contraction/expansion are you in? 


  1. Suffering
    Low-energy. This is the lowest place. You have no energy and feel hopeless, helpless and powerless. This is victim-mentality where you believe that outside circumstances are the cause of your suffering. You believe that nothing will ever change. You feel alone. This is the most extreme form of what I call "contraction" - where the life-force that is you is barely moving. You feel despair, tired, sad,...

My notes on healing

Mar 01, 2024

After years of trying everything to heal the body and trying to heal the mind, there was recognition that I am not the body and not the mind. The body & mind lives and moves and dances in me … perfect wholeness, light, Presence. We are not bodies. We are wholeness, light and oneness. The body, thoughts and emotions that you think is “you” is movement and activity in wholeness which is our true nature. When you begin identifying with the wholeness,  the body takes care of itself. This is from The Healing Cure. 💕


Being Spaciousness

Feb 29, 2024

Yesterday’s February LIVE with Lisa Zoom Call was the best ever, in my own little humble opinion. 🥰

We talked a lot about spaciousness, being established as spaciousness and no longer being identified so much with the body, with the personal self identity or with the character that goes by your name.

Here are 3 pages of notes from my journal this morning, inspired by yesterday’s zoom call.

About how the energy that you suppressed in contraction, trying, waiting and  controlling begins to MOVE when you enter into spaciousness, which is our true nature.

And about how many people get scared at this point when the energy starts to move because you sense that your life is about to shift and that people and friends will probably fall away as you spend more time in the spaciousness, which is a lot more quiet and a lot less talking.

You can still sign up for the February recording on my website if you are interested in watching it - 90 minutes. 🔥 Here is the link:...


For Healing: What You Focus on Multiplies

Feb 26, 2024
The ego - which is unchecked thoughts - is a massive drama queen. You may have already noticed this.
The ego is an extremist, an exaggerator and says things in absolutist terms like "I can't walk" or "I can't see" or "I can't do that" and "I have no money" and "I'm so sick"
There is no middle ground with the ego, your unchecked thoughts.
 Unchecked, you may tell yourself that ...
You have no energy.
You have no money.
You are sick.
You are in pain 24/7.
If you are interested in healing, it's important that you start seeing the ego when it's on the scene by realizing that you do have SOME money, you do have SOME health, you can walk a little, you can see and you are NOT in pain 24/7.
Focus on what you have. Focus on what is working.
For me, for years, it was my eyes, among many other things.
But let's use the eyes as the example here. My eyesight was very blurry.
The eyes were irritated, red,...

Feb 24, 2024
For years I was sick with pain and physical symptoms (from 2013-2018) and for all those years I tried to heal myself. I did every possible thing I could do to heal the body and to heal the mind. You name it, I did it. I tried it. I gave it my all.
I did every diet. I ate clean. I juiced. I took supplements. I took antibiotics. I went to doctors. I went to a naturopath.
I was one hundred percent committed to healing.
I  was determined to heal.
And I kept getting worse and worse.
The harder I worked, the worse I got.
Somewhere along the way - thankfully - I began to understand that my attempts to heal myself were me fighting with myself.
I started to understand that I CANNOT HEAL MYSELF ... I tried everything .... and instead I started to rest, relax, love everything that was happening, welcome the pain instead of fighting it - and I started to live in joy and gratitude ... no longer trying to heal ... and healing...

Do some horrific stories stay in your mind?

Feb 23, 2024
Every day I check People magazine online and The New York Times. I check Facebook. I check Instagram. If you are like me and follow any kind of news or social media, then you see countless horrific things every day.
Have you noticed that some of these stories grab your attention and some of them don't?
The ones that grab your attention - the stories you keep thinking about after you have read them or heard about them - are the ones  calling to you for love and blessing. It is no accident they stay in your mind. They are a learning opportunity for you to remain as Pure Presence.
Notice if you get sucked into the story, thinking about the details, thinking about how horrific it is or how sad or how awful it is OR do you instantly remember that this has come to you for you to bless.
You are pure Being, all light, with the power and ability to stay as changeless Presence, blessing these images in your mind.
We are not here to ignore these stories. We...

"Letting go" vs. Something Leaving You Because You Are Not Resisting

Mar 05, 2023

You don't "let things go."

How often have you "let go" of something you didn't want??

An unwanted emotion, an addiction, a habit you you wanted to change and "let go of".

"I'm just going to let that go." Did it go?? 😂 

haha.Like, never. Things leave you when you stop holding on and when you are no longer resisting.

Here is a little video clip from Week 1 of Emotional Mastery - my brand new 6-week online course - which started this past Wednesday, March 1st. 

In this video I talk about about how alcoholism left me 22 years ago after 5 years of  unsuccessfully "letting go."

When I stopped resisting - stopped judging myself - stopped attacking myself for being a failure and for being weak - and realized, finally, "okay, I'm a drinker. I'm not going to keep fighting myself. I'll have a drink when I want one."

The desire to drink left me shortly after that and I haven't wanted a drink in 22 years.

Letting go didn't work. Not resisting did.

This video is from the Q...


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